New Mural at Trustus, "Earth Medicine"

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A vibrant addition to the artistic landscape of the Vista has been unveiled at Trustus Theatre. The mural, entitled Earth Medicine, can now be seen on the Lady Street side of Trustus. It was commissioned by The Vista Neighborhood Association (VNA) and facilitated by One Columbia for Arts & Culture. The official unveiling and dedication ceremony was held today.

Bart Walrath from the VNA explained the dedication of the mural and how the project came to fruition. “The murals are dedicated to the memory of Richard Rowe. Rick lived in the Vista, founded the Vista Neighborhood Association and served on the Boards of Trustus Theatre and the Vista Guild, among many other contributions he made to his community. Rick became a champion of adding the murals while he was on the Board of Directors of Trustus Theatre and often mentioned how great it would be to have murals in the three ‘shadow box’ type indentations on the north and west facing walls of the theatre.

Shortly before Rick passed away earlier this year after a long illness, the VNA voted to commission the murals in his memory and began the artist selection process. A committee reviewed 68 applications from artists throughout the southeastern US. Three finalists developed specific concepts and sketches and presented them to the committee. The artist SEVEN was selected. Vibrant & immersive, the murals’ intricate scenes invite onlookers to contemplate the essence of the elements depicted.”

Eric Finley, also known as the artist SEVEN, is a professional muralist and designer originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. His work is mostly known by its large-scale bold use of vibrant and luminous colors often featuring people, themes of nature and geometry. His approach to mural painting is always rooted in his passion and love for the craft, which is evident by the work he produces.

Earth Medicine is designed to tell a story of the rising collective human consciousness on planet earth at the moment. It features a woman “medicine carrier” who, in her dreamlike state, envisions the rise in consciousness throughout nature. Each section of the triptych mural design is a continuation from the last and viewed as one it could be seen as a continuous image.

This project was made possible by contributions from the Vista Guild and the City of Columbia.  Trustus is honored to join the growing number of public art projects and murals in Columbia’s vibrant and diverse downtown. Photo and video of the event can be found on the Trustus Facebook page.

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