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June 14 - July 13

Music by Matthew Sklar
Book by Bob Martin & Chad Beguelin
Lyrics by Chad Beguelin
Music Direction by CHRIS COCKRELL

The Prom tells the story of Emma, played by Free Times Best of Columbia 2024 Best Actress Nominee Liv Moody, a high school student in small-town Indiana who just wants to take her girlfriend, played by Isabella DeCola, to prom. When the PTA cancels the dance altogether rather than allow her to attend, a group of eccentric Broadway stars swoop in to champion her cause and shake up the conservative community. With its catchy music, hilarious dialogue, and touching message of acceptance, The Prom is a beloved favorite among theatergoers worldwide.

Featuring a talented cast of local performers including Trustus Company members Kevin Bush, Robin Gottlieb, and Jonathan Monk, Trustus Theatre’s production promises to capture the heart and soul of this Tony-nominated musical. Audiences can expect an evening filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of memorable moments that will leave them feeling uplifted and inspired.

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Kevin Bush as Barry Glickman
Robin Gottlieb as Dee Dee Allen
Jonathan Monk as Trent Oliver
Liv Moody as Emma Nolan
Isabella De Cola as Alyssa Greene
Bobby Rogers as Mr. Hawkins
Giulia Dalbec as Angie Dickinson
Kristin Claiborne as Mrs. Greene
Von Huber as Sheldon Saperstein
Bella Colletti as Kaylee
Ryan Greene as Kevin
Asher Thompson as Nick
Marie Shenk as Shelby
Alex Malvern as Ensemble
Blythe Long as Ensemble
Tripp Hills as Ensemble
Ebony Imani as Ensemble
Isabella Stenz as Ensemble
Josh Kern as Ensemble
Lauren Roberts as Ensemble
Semaj Whitener as Ensemble

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