A Message from Trustus
Dear Patrons and Supporters,


Theatre is communal in every way one can imagine. It’s alive, it’s in front of you, and it only exists in the moment. During this quarantine we are unsure when our award-winning programming will return. However, we intend to do everything necessary to support our staff, artists, and audiences’ safety. We at Trustus are not alone as we face this difficult and uncertain time.


I’ll be honest: we could really use your support.


Currently, you can stop by the Trustus Bar from 3:00-6:00pm Tuesday through Saturday to purchase our beer and wine inventory which is now priced for retail. Most bottles of wine can be purchased for $15, and 6-packs of craft brew can be purchased for $12. Some of higher-end items (like champagne) can be purchased for $20. All items have been disinfected, and our staff will serve you with gloves on. This is a great way to support Trustus, AND have a great week and weekend enjoying our delicious offerings (sorry, you’ll have to get your own popcorn).


You can also support Trustus from the comfort of your home by mailing us a donation (520 Lady St., Columbia, SC 29201), or by donating here.


Let’s talk brass tacks here. With our indefinite hold on performances, Trustus is unable to recoup the $30,000 investment made for “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” due to the inability to generate ticket sales. This lack of cash flow will undoubtedly create more severe issues for the theatre as this quarantine continues.


However, we know we have the best fans and supporters that anyone could imagine. We are so thankful to all of our ticket-holders who have been understanding in regards to show cancellations and postponements. To those of you who have already sent us donations, or started fundraisers on Facebook – THANK YOU SO MUCH for being on the front lines with us!


We remain dedicated to serving this community that we love, and we can’t wait for the next time we all convene around the warmth of the stage lights to tell you a story.


If you need entertainment during this quarantine, I highly recommend “Tiger King” on Netflix. Trust me, it’ll remind you how good your life is. In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, stay healthy. We’ll see you on the other side, and thank you for your continued (and greatly appreciated) support!

Chad Henderson
Producing Artistic Director

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