Pursuing Your Goals

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” -Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens

Dreams often feel lofty. As they should.

Perhaps they sometimes feel this way because we’ve not stopped to take an honest inventory of the steps needed to make them a reality. How joyful and empowering it is to discover that a goal is closer or more obtainable than we thought once broken down into steps. No matter your dream, there is likely an action that can be taken today to either position your compass or start moving in the right direction.

Today’s Potential:
Take time to consider the steps that can actualize your dream, starting with the end in mind. What one action can you take today, large or small, that will propel you toward its reality? Happiness is often felt in the journey, the process and the sheer feeling we have of being courageously ready and on our way.

All the best to you in your pursuits!

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