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May 16 - May 31

A Case for the Existence of God
By Samuel D. Hunter
Directed by Jonathan Monk

A Case for the Existence of God unfolds in a cubicle where two seated people unexpectedly choose to bring one another into their fragile worlds. Keith, a mortgage broker, and Ryan, a yogurt plant worker seeking to buy a plot of land that belonged to his family many decades ago, realize they share a “specific kind of sadness.” At this desk in the middle of America, loan talk opens up into a discussion about the chokehold of financial insecurity and a bond over the precariousness of parenthood. With humor, empathy and wrenching honesty, Hunter commingles two lives and deftly bridges disparate experiences of marginality.

Auditions for A Case for the Existence of God will be held on June 17th and 18th, 2024 at Trustus Theatre. The character list is as follows:

KEITH: Male, mid to late thirties. a Black, gay mortgage broker, wants to help Ryan, but is also dealing with challenges to his plans to adopt his foster child.

RYAN: Male, mid to late thirties. White and divorced, wants to buy a plot of land that his family once owned in the hopes of making a stable life for his daughter.

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