Meet Jillian Rowe

Jillian has been a member of the Trustus Apprentice Company program and served as one of our summer interns in 2015. She was recently accepted into the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities’ Residential program in Greenville, where she will begin studying theatre arts and acting this fall. Though we will miss her next season, we are excited for this great opportunity coming her way. We sat down to talk with Jillian about acting, training and what she’ll miss most about Columbia.

TT: Jillian, you are a sophomore at Spring Hill High School, and you have been a member of our Trustus Apprentice Company program for 2 years now. What else are you involved in–what else occupies your time, interests and energies? 
JR: I take a couple AP classes at school so most of my time is used studying, reviewing, or doing projects. However, I love to read so any free time after schoolwork is used for that.

TT: How long have you been involved in theater arts?
JR: I’ve been doing theater on and off for about 4 years.

TT: How and when did you realize that you had gift and a passion for theatre arts?
JR: When I auditioned for the SCGSAH Discovery program and got accepted, that was the first time I realized that I wasn’t half bad and had something to contribute. It even gave me the confidence to audition for the apprentice program which I was too intimidated to do beforehand. The passion came when I saw my first professional show and felt my heart racing throughout the entire performance.

TT: Are you interested in any other aspects of the arts beyond just performance and acting?
JR: I really enjoy history so recently I’ve been researching dramaturgy because it combines my two passions.

TT: You are going to the SC Governor’s School next year in Greenville. Is it safe to assume that you are planning to have a life in the arts beyond high school? If so, what do you plan and hope to do? What do your current plans for the future look like? 
JR: I would love to be connected to the arts world in some way, shape, or form. Obviously my first hope would be to act but if that isn’t possible, dramaturgy would be a fun career path. I don’t entirely want to pick one specific path now as there are so many levels of involvement in the arts that I haven’t had the time or resources to explore. Also, college is for sure in my future plans the only debate is where 🙂

TT: How do you hope your education and training at the Governor’s School will prepare you for your future and goals?
JR: Since Governor’s School is such a unique high school experience I hope to gain a different perspective than my peers who also want to enter the art world. The discipline and foundation they provide is unlike anything I could get at a traditional high school around this area.

TT: What 3 things will you most miss about Columbia and the Midlands?JR: Dano’s Pizza, for sure. Actually scratch that, most of the restaurants around here are going to leave a hole in my heart. Also, Soda City is one of the highlights of Columbia in my opinion and not being there every Saturday will certainly be a bummer. I’ll especially miss the one-on-one time with all my friends and family and even community I have grown so accustomed to.

Ever get post show blues?


By Vicky Saye Henderson

You know the pattern.

You audition for a show.
You get cast.
You rehearse for weeks.
You open the show.
The run is an amazing experience.
You, the cast and crew galvanize as a community.
You feel artistically alive and appreciated.
The show closes.
Once the thrill of finally getting to do laundry again subsides…
Then what?

If you do not have another audition or show lined up right away, how do you nurture your talent and make the most of your down time to grow and refuel? Here are 10 ways to be “out of work creatively” from the incredibly insightful Joanna Merlin. These tips come from the last chapter of her book, AUDITIONING: AN ACTOR-FRIENDLY GUIDE (Vintage Books, Copyright 2001).

1. Take classes that will improve your skills.
Continue to grow and expand your talents. If funds are limited, gather with other actors to read & discuss plays regularly.

2. Find mentors.
Find actors, teachers or coaches who inspire you, whom you trust and from whom you can learn. Let them know of your goals and ask for their help in pursuing them.

3. Exercise.
Keep your body in good shape for both your artistic work and your health. It makes you look and feel better plus it will improve your versatility and increase your stamina for your next show.

4. Stimulate your artistic sensibilities.
Take in art in any way you can. Go to performances. If funds are limited, ask to usher. Step outside of your comfort zone and gain an appreciation for other forms of artistic expression. Keep your sense of wonderment alive and well. Listen to music that stirs you. Feed your soul.

5. Don’t let “show business” be the only thing in your life.
It’s easy for actors to be insular. We spend a lot of time doing and talking about acting and theater. Expand your horizons. Take in what’s going on outside the world of acting.

6. Volunteer.
Give of yourself. Be useful to organizations and institutions that would value your help. It is a good way to gain a new perspective on the world around you.

7. Husband your time…don’t waste it.
Learn something every day, as it will feed you, making you both a better actor and a better person.

8. Relationships.
Ask anyone who has been in a relationship with an actor and they will tell you it’s not easy. Actors work weird hours, often late at night. Their lives can be unpredictable. An altered rehearsal schedule can change your plans on a dime. However, it’s our relationships that give life meaning. Don’t take them for granted. Be sure that the people in your life are, along with your work, your highest priority. Make plans regularly for some quality time.

9. Community.
One of the hardest things about finishing an acting project is losing a sense of community and feeling alone and isolated. You need a support system of friends, family, other actors, teachers, etc. to help you feel connected. Take classes. Volunteer. Make plans with others. Find ways to build community.

10. Know why you want to act.
The reason may change over time, but stay tuned into the reason you give so much of your time and talent to it. Whatever it is, just knowing the answer can serve as a support system.

5 Ways To Be Better To Your Body

By Vicky Saye Henderson

As performing artists, our BODIES are our instruments. We’ve got to take care of our bodies in meaningful ways. No matter what you do for a living, your body goes with you. Here’s a few reminders for all of us…

Be mindful of what, how much and when you eat. Choose unprocessed food as often as you can. Make fresh vegetables and fruit a part of your daily diet. You can further help your body by limiting sugars, sodium, fats and certain meats.

Make sleep a priority. Give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate.

Hydrate your body–opt for water when possible.

Commit to moving your body several times a week.

Be intentional about seeking out and adopting effective and healthy stress-relieving outlets. Whether alone or with others, take time to decompress and invite balance into your daily living.

Pursuing Your Goals

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