Black Super Hero Magic Mama

Trustus Theatre brings 2016 Playwrights’ Festival Winner Black Super Hero Magic Mama to the Thigpen Mainstage this August in its East Coast Premiere. Black Super Hero Magic Mama is a play that will inspire a shift of perspective when it comes to the way that our nation views the current social situation surrounding black youth, police forces, and the commentary provided by journalists. Tickets may be purchased at, or by calling the Trustus Box Office at 803-254-9732.

A single mother, Sabrina Jackson, is unable to cope with the shooting death of her 14-year-old son Tremarion by a white police officer. Rather than become yet another grieving black mother leading community rallies, Sabrina escapes into her own mind. There, she lives out a comic book fantasy where she is a super hero crime fighter, mimicking the Maasai Angel comic book that her artist son had created. Sabrina must decide if she’ll stay in the splash-and-pow world where sons don’t die, or return to the real world and mourn her loss.

Black Super Hero Magic Mama is written by playwright Inda Craig-Galván and will be directed by Stan Brown. This play was not only the winner of the 2016 Trustus Playwrights’ Festival, but the play, along with playwright Craig-Galván, also made the 2017 Kilroy’s List and the 2017 Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Of Black Super Hero Magic Mama, Craig-Galván says, “I want people to leave this play thinking about perspective. View this son the way you’d view your own. Acknowledge Sabrina’s pain and grief and stop trying to take that away from her. While this is an incredibly sad topic, I don’t want to leave the audience in a puddle of tears; I want them to laugh and cheer as well.”

Trustus Theatre’s Artistic Director, Chad Henderson, says “When I read Black Super Hero Magic Mama a year ago, I hoped that the issues explored in the piece would be a thing of the past. Sadly, these issues are still relevant and important to exploring the imperfections of our contemporary American story. The Trustus Company also agreed that this show was a strong piece, and an important story to tell right here and now – so we were passionate and motivated in choosing it as the winner of the 2016 Trustus Playwrights’ Festival. Inda’s play has received much-deserved attention since we named it the winner of the festival, and now more productions are in the works nationally. Columbia gets it first! I would also like to make sure patrons understand that while this is certainly about a grieving mother, the exploration of how she handles her grief is entirely creative and unexpected – you will be moved, but you will also be motivated to cheer. This will be a great evening in our theatre under the direction of Stan Brown.”

Black Super Hero Magic Mama will run from August 4 – August 12, 2017 and tickets are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Trustus Theatre Box Office at 803-254-9732 or online at Opening night is Friday, August 4, at 8pm. The performances following are on Saturday, August 5, at 8pm; Sunday, August 6, at 3pm; Wednesday, August 9, at 7:30pm; Thursday, August 10, at 7:30pm; Friday, August 11, at 8pm; Saturday, August 12, at 8pm.

Black Super Hero Magic Mama is sponsored by The Jasper Project and Travel Unlimited.

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