AUDITIONS FOR The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical

Part of the Season 39 Musical Auditions
Monday and Tuesday, July 24th and 25th
6:00pm | Thigpen Main Stage

December 1 – December 17, 2023

It’s holiday time down in Armadillo Acres (North Florida’s premier mobile-living community), and everyone’s filled with warmth and beer. But when a freak bout of amnesia strikes the trailer park Scrooge, neighborly love is put to the test. Be on hand as Betty, Lin, and Pickles jingle all the way with some new neighbors in an all-new, all-trailer-park musical! This companion to the original GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL is just as much of a cat-fightin’, sun-worshippin’, chair-throwin’ good time-—but with tinsel and Keg Nog. The Columbia favorite returns to the Thigpen Main Stage for a third time.

Character Descriptions:

  • Darlene Seward – Late 20s to late 30s, a year-round “Scrooge.” She hates everybody and everything all the time and isn’t afraid to show it.
  • Betty – 38 to 50-something, part hard-ass, part mother hen, she’s the leasing manager at the trailer park and she makes it her business to know everything about everybody who passes through.
  • Rufus – late 20s to late 30s, best described as a redneck with a heart of gold. Well-liked around the trailer park.
  • Lin – 30s to early 40s, was formerly a death row wife until the State of Florida flipped the switch on her husband Earl and made her a death row widow.
  • Jackie – 40- to 50-something, a selfmade man and an all- American success story. He took a simple idea and turned it into a thriving local breastaurant chain. Unapologetically capitalistic.
  • Pickles – late teens to early 20s, the most airy and wide-eyed. New to motherhood, Pickles is often tired, but she still finds energy to embrace the joy of the holiday season.

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