Auditions for MilkMilkLemonade
Part of the Season 38 play auditions (non-union)
Monday and Tuesday, July 11th and 12th
Thigpen Main Stage

About the show:

November 10-November 19, 2022
Side Door Theatre
By Joshua Conkel
Directed by Jonathan Monk

Emory is an effeminate 11-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his chain-smoking Nanna and his only friend, a depressed chicken about to be processed. Nanna wishes Emory would get his head out of the clouds, stop choreographing ribbon stick dance numbers, and be more like Elliot, the boy down the road with a penchant for burning things. But Emory and Elliot have a relationship — just not one Nanna would expect or approve of. With absurd, poignant dialog and brutal characterizations, MilkMilkLemonade is a bitterly funny exploration of gender, sexuality, life, death, and the human body.

Available roles:

Some roles will require intimacy work and/or fight choreography. Trustus is committed to providing a safe environment for all actors when engaging in intimacy work. Casting for MilkMilkLemonade will not be gender-specific or age-specific.

EMORY, an effeminate boy, age 11, dreams of leaving his Nanna’s chicken farm to become a professional ribbon-dancer

ELLIOT, the little boy from down the road; has a parasitic twin living in his enormous thigh and secretly dreams of going to prom

NANNA, an elderly cancer patient and Emory’s grandmother; bald, chain smoker

LADY IN A LEOTARD, a narrator in a black leotard; suffers from performance anxiety; plays multiple characters like Rochelle the Spider, Elliott’s parasitic twin, and Starlene

LINDA, a giant chicken who speaks chicken as well as English. Does a stand-up routine a la Andrew Dice Clay.

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