Auditions for Down in the Holler
Part of the Season 38 play auditions (non-union)
Monday and Tuesday, July 11th and 12th
Thigpen Main Stage

About the show:

Down in the Holler
2020 Winner of the Trustus Playwrights’ Festival
August 18- August 26, 2023
By Val Dunn
Directed by Dewey Scott-Wiley

Deep in a holler of the Shenandoah Valley, Juniper prepares to spend a perfect life in a perfect cabin with her perfect partner, Blake. Until Maeve appears. Telling tall tales and crooning high lonesomes, Maeve beguiles Juniper returns to Gin – a past self who once lived and loved in this here house. As Juniper attempts to exorcise her pursuit of passion and maintain the stable life she’s created with Blake, Down in the Holler witnesses a collision of class and queerness, ultimately asking how we reconcile who we were and who we thought we would become.

Click here to read the script – FOR PERUSAL USE ONLY

Available roles:

Some roles will require intimacy work and/or fight choreography. Trustus is committed to providing a safe environment for all actors when engaging in intimacy work.

Character descriptions taken directly from script.

MAEVE, a woman of indiscernible age (20-30); a romantic, volatile and beguiling, a local

JUNIPER, early 30s, an artist who has worked hard to reinvent herself

BLAKE, late 30s, an environmental lawyer, the dyke you need by rarely find, a very capable Taurus

GIN, early 20s, Juniper’s memory of who she used to be; scrappy, caring, a reluctant local

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