Apprentice Applications

The Apprentice Company is excited to return for the 2023-2024 season. Applications are open now! Scroll down to fill out our Google form.

What is the Trustus Apprentice Company?
It is a training program for Midlands area high school students grades 9-12 who possess curiosity and passion for the art of creating theater and wish to expand their skills and scope.  The Apprentice Company is comprised of 15-20 young artists who receive training on a variety of theatre subjects via monthly Saturday workshops. Students gain appreciation for and receive experience in non-performance areas of the theatre including ushering, pre- and post-production efforts, and technical opportunities. Orientation is in late September, and programming runs September through May.


What are the application requirements? Students must submit the following:

  • Interview registration form (page 1 of Google form)
  • Short form answers (page 2 of Google form)
  • One reference (this can be teachers, employers, any adult leaders you have worked with that know you well)

Students will then:

  • Interview with a Trustus Company Member
    • Company members will ask about the applicant’s experiences and interest in theatre, leadership qualities, and goals as a young artist.

Parents/Guardians of applicants will have a brief interview (may be done by phone, if needed).

How do I secure an interview? Complete and submit the registration and artist’s essay. You will be contacted by a member of our education staff who will schedule and confirm your appointment and provide further details.

What is expected of a Trustus Apprentice? Every apprentice is expected to:

  • Attend every strike and company meeting during the season
  • Usher at least once per show (unless they are working on the show)
  • Participate in monthly workshops

What are the monthly workshops? These are three hour workshops that focus on a specific theatre topic that are taught by a Trustus company member or professional artist. Workshops will cover a variety of topics such as acting, improvisation, voice and speech, theatrical design, stage management, directing, playwriting, etc.

What does it mean to usher? Ushers are an important part of the theatre-going experience. They are the first people to greet our patrons when they attend a show, answer questions for newcomers, and guide our audience members to their seats. All apprentices are expected to sign up to usher at least once for every show. A big benefit of ushering is that you get to see the show for free! When apprentices attend orientation they will learn how to sign up to usher and how to do it.

What are strikes and company meetings? Strikes and company meetings happen on the same day after the end of every show’s run on the Thigpen Stage. Strike is when the company gets together to take down the set, return materials to storage, clean the space, and get the theatre reset for our next performance. This is time when our community really comes together to help our theatre function at it’s best. It’s great time for apprentices to learn technical skills while working alongside professionals. Company meetings happen after strike. The company gathers to learn about important news regarding the theatre, upcoming events, and discuss the previous production. This is when our theatre family gets together to learn from one another and celebrate accomplishments. All Apprentices are required to attend strike and company meetings just as it is required of all professional company members.

How much does it cost to join the Trustus Apprentice Company? Nothing! Our program is completely free. We do require that all apprentices volunteer their time to usher and attend all strikes.

Upcoming Events

June 14-July 13
August 09-August 24
September 27-October 12
October 25-November 09
January 17-February 01