Making Noise in Columbia!

American Idiot is making a lot of noise here in Columbia – literally. We’ve had a wild season of auditions, rehearsals, opening night and continued performances that have continuously rocked the main stage. In addition to the easily recognizable Green Day musical hits, American Idiot draws a lot of power from telling a human story. We’d love for you to join us as we find connection and belonging in a culture that seems to become more disconnected and out of touch with humanity. Read it for yourself in the most recent reviews that are buzzing around the Columbia streets:

“Indeed, while Green Day and American Idiot’s name recognition should certainly help bring the crowds, Ibrahim’s confidence comes as much from her company’s willingness to take risks — and the artists’ commitment to making sure that those reaches are consistently worthwhile”. – More from Free Times here:
“With over 20 screens, a projector, four video feeds, LED light strips and a confetti feature, audiences can expect a new experience on the Trustus stage.” via The State Newspaper here:
American Idiot musical shakes up traditional theatre.” See more from  The Daily Gamecock here:
“In those moments, I was often surprised by how well most of the songs translated so deftly to the stage, even for folks who aren’t necessarily fans of the band and familiar with the album, thanks to how electrifying it is to see them brought to life.” More from Jasper Magazine – The Word on Columbia Arts here:
“[American Idiot] undeniably rocks out at full throttle… It would be hard to find a better way to spend an hour and 40 minutes as part of a fun night out in the Vista.” – see more here:


You have a limited chance to see what Columbia critics are raving about. We can’t wait to see you in the audience as we rock the stage and create topics you’ll be discussing long after you leave our theatre. Without our audience, we wouldn’t be able to bring this two time Tony Award-winning production to town. For more information on American Idiotvisit or call 803.254.9732.